Sunday, September 21, 2008

British regionalism.

As a decentralist and a resident of the wonderful British isles I like to consider myself a British regionalist. I believe that the historic regions of Britain have a definite place in our society and can have a continuing importance today in many areas. These include the areas of politics, economics, society and culture.

Although I believe in the importance of the Counties I still think regions such as Wessex can
be important for both balancing any national
authority and for cultural allegiance and a degree of economic self-sufficiency and production. Alot of state power should remain at the local and county levels but regions can provide an area for larger concerns to be cautiously played out and to help solidify local consciousness and identity. They can also have a role in keeping alive the history and tradition of a particular area.

By regions I certainly do not mean those used by the European Union and the Labour government but historical and meaningful regions. These could include Wessex, Mercia, Northumberland, Cumberland/Strathcylde, East Anglia, Kent, The Duchy of Cornwall, Wales(perhaps South and North.), Ulster, Lowland Scotland, Highland Scotland, The Western Isles, The Isle of Man, The Shetlands, The Channel Islands and The Isles of Scilly.

Here are some links to the websites of groups affliated with the regionalists movements in some parts of the UK. - Wessex Regionalist party. - The Acting Witan of Mercia. - Sons of Cornwall.

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