Monday, September 22, 2008

Why the left and right should support Decentralism and Regionalism.

From personal experience in political debates I realise there is quite alot of opposition to regionalism and decentralisation in our society today. This opposition comes from both the left and the right. So I thought I 'd write a response to both the left and the right on here and why they should both support decentralism and regionalism.

I thought I'd write one post for the right and one for the left, starting with the latter. Obviously these are broad categories and I can't aim it at all those on the left or right, it is particularly for those disposed to individual freedom. It is my firm belief that both of these wings of politics would gain much from decentralism. I hope to complete the first post, on the left and decentralism, very soon.


anarcho-mercantilist said...

I blogged a post arguing that the terms left-wing and right-wing mean nothing.

Decentralist said...

I think in many ways you are correct, however I do think you can pinpoint some values that many on each side tend to hold.